Building Relationships Through Your Digital Marketing Content

Modern technology is evolving, and more and more companies are out sourcing their digital marketing needs. The common goal amongst these companies is to capture and grow their following and drive revenue. The majority of business’ cliental are online and over the last ten years customers are searching for what they want via social media. In the past we have relied on “Googling” the services and products you need but now we have seen a huge increase in the use of social media outlets such as Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Social media is a cost-effective way to reach and connect with vast audiences, so why not take advantage of this and generate brand awareness with lucrative digital marketing!

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now the most, if not the primary, effective marketing channel to reach potential clients. It’s cost effective, easier to measure success and targets a realm we haven’t traditionally catered to, the mobile consumer.

In leu of this we have put together our thoughts to help enhance your digital marketing campaign to achieve the results you are looking for.

Digital content is a great way to connect with your clients however we often find that the interaction isn’t really there. This is where videos, photos and animations can step in to really enhance those interactions with your clients and help drive those results you’ve been chasing.

Building and Nurturing Client Relationships

AVA was created with the vision and key outcomes of focusing on the building and maintenance of networking and building relationships with our clients. Sometimes as a business we just throw up the next round of content, the next season of product to just get it out there. Sometimes we forget to show our interest in building these relationships. It can be as simple as capturing and showcasing behind the scenes action. This can help to build relationships with your clients without any tangible aspects. Customers fall in love with the process and experience the journey of how your product or service is created. Instagram and Facebook are making this a lot easier each time a new update is released making available features such as being able to “go live” and post to stories and highlights. This concept of personalized communication helps the customer get to know your personality, your brand and your vision and works with your scheduled posts.

What We Are Doing

AVA have been working with companies to step up the generic photo post by including touches of animation. This slight change to the content shows the customer the time that you are spending and the money you are spending, to cultivate their interaction and appreciation of their following. At this time videography and animation creates that point of difference and will enhance your overall branding if done correctly. Thought and time needs to be spent in to understanding how to showcase your product and services within the sixty-second-time frame.

Just recently we completed work for a local real estate agent that came to us with the drive to change the way that the traditional property manager showcased their services and connected with potential clients. After sitting down and discussing exactly what they wanted to showcase, exactly what relationship they wanted to build with their clients, we were able to open up the possibilities of his digital content. Through building this relationship and really getting to know our client we were able to tap in to the needs and wants of his cliental and design a mini series of social media videos. Through these projects they are able to showcase their point of difference and who they are as a person. Not just a property manager.

If you’re looking to put the time in to further understand your client’s needs and to continue to build on their relationships get in touch with us to organise a meeting. Let us get to know you, your clients, your vision and what drives you, so we can start rolling out content that shows your clients that you care and that you want to get to know them. Because that’s where the focus should be.

AVA Team